At Mathswizz we believe every child has the potential to become a wizz at maths. All that is required is a strong foundation of the basics. This is why we have created primary school maths worksheets to enable you to help build your child's confidence. We specialise in creating worksheets that are tailored not only to your child’s ability but also the time you have with them. Worksheets allow you to set the difficulty by adjusting the range from five to a million whilst also adjusting the number of questions on them.


Games are a fun way of learning. The visual aids allow the children to break the problems into smaller and manageable steps.

Add & Subtract

In this section the worksheets allow the children to practise all the fundamentals of addition and subtraction. This includes doubling, halving, numbers bond and word problems.

Multiply & Divide

In this section the worksheets allow the children to become familiar with the fundamentals of multiplication and division. It allows them to comprehend the fact that multiplication and division are the inverse of each other using challenges such as missing numbers and word problems.


Children are often confused when learning about money when in reality they are already familiar with the addition and subtraction involved. This section of worksheets helps to build confidence when dealing with money and it's applications. Children get to to learn about all the different coins available, and how to use them.

Multiples of 10's

The ability of the child to quickly perform calculations mentally often relies on simplifying the problems into multiples of 10. This section contains worksheets that give ample opportunity to master this skill


This section covers times tables up to 20. It contains worksheets in which students calculate their timetables in an ordered fashion such as using number sequences. Before moving onto a mixed set as well as tackling the inverse of multiplication. The aim of which is to improve their overall fluency with times tables rather than just repeatedly adding numbers in their minds.


Children often find understanding that fraction is 'Part of a Whole' tricky. It's important that they are able to grasp the concept of 'One Whole' is being cut into pieces. These worksheets have been designed to allow the child to interchangeably use fractions and decimals and apply them to real world problems such as money.

Dotty Decimals

These sheets introduce the concept of the decimal point. In general the mathematics involved does not change but the children need to get used to working with the decimal point.


Conversion of units is mathematically very simple however children often struggle to understand what unit of measurement is needed as well as the calculation they should be doing. These worksheets have been designed to help children understand the relationship between different units of measure.

Mixed Topics

This section contains worksheets on various skills that are imperative for children to master. This includes but is not limited to percentages, rounding and sequencing

Mixed Challenges

Once your child has got to grips with the basics a good way to challenge them is to attempt worksheets that test them on all of their knowledge including sheets on BODMAS.

Mental Maths

Mental arithmetic is the cornerstone of maths. The best way to improve your child’s mental maths ability is to time how long they take to complete the worksheets and challenge them to improve on that time each time they try. Please Note Problem Solving worksheets don't have answers as there might be more than one correct answer.