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Introduction to MathsWizz

At Mathswizz we believe every child has the potential to become a wizz at maths. All that is required is a strong foundation of the basics in maths. This is why we have created primary school maths worksheets to enable you to help build your child's confidence. Start your child from their level and then continue to fill the gaps in their knowledge.

Thankyou for your support! Mixed challenges was added and has been well received. I have edited the Measurement section and have added "Shapes". Few sheets on shapes have been added and will be adding more as and when they are ready!

The site is now working in IE (tested on IE11 and Microsoft Edge

Thankyou for your patience while the errors are being fixed. The site has been tested on IE11 and Microsoft edge. Work is still ongoing to fix other browser issues.
Further improvements have been made on sheets in the 'Multiply & Divide' option on the side bar.I hope these have been helpful.

At present the site is not working in IE.
Thankyou all for your support! Its been a eventful month with fixing browser errors...Work is still ongoing.
In the meantime I have added a 'Multiply & Divide' option on the side bar and have started building worksheets so watch the space! I have also added sheets on multiplication and division in 'flock of 10's'. Vertical add and subtract sheets have been added in 'Add & Subtract'as well.

Welcome to MathsWizz, a free website wth primary school maths which includes math worksheets with math problems for Year 1 to year 6. This website has had a makeover with extra features added to the sheets. They are now interactive & most sheets now also have the facility to check answers.The print option is also available if needed.