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Again it's been more than a year since my last post! A lot has changed during this time!Schools are back to normal and we are again seeking to get the best of our children in school.
In the last year,I have not only added sheets in different sections but have also gained a lot of users so a big thank you to all of you for the success of this website! I want to keep this website free but costs are increasing so unfortunately am allowing ad space to cover my cost.Please keep supporting this website!

More than a year since my last post! Pandemic is still with us and we are still hoping we have seen the last of the lockdowns!
In the last year,I have added lots more games and lots more to come! Hope they have been useful and an enjoyble way to learn for the children.There are games now on various topics for numbers upto 1000.

Wow,the much awaited vaccine is finally here and first round starts today! Living through this pandemic, and still working at school,everything has looked so normal and yet so different. Almost a term is over now and in that time I have changed the logo to the website and made it more mobile friendly. Hope that helps!.
Last time I talked about a GAMES section! Well its almost halfway there with loads of games added upto year 2 atleast.Hopefully a more fun way of learning and then the worksheets can consolidate the learning!

It's been a weird and interesting time living through this pandemic.I have kept myself busy with family time and making a new section .Hope it's useful. Six sections of Mental Maths for primary school maths have been added. You can move up a league as you gain confidence in the last one.
Now I have started another section with Maths Games. Just a couple of games have been added for now . This is a challenging section for me as have never done this before!

What a difference a little over a month has made! Living in the crisis of this COVID pandemic seems unreal. I have tried to keep busy by working on my website.It's keeping me going.I have updated and improved on the Funny Fractions section of the website.Shape fraction sheets and and Assessment sheet for this topic are the new additions to this topic as well.

A good start to 2020! This half term has been fruitful. Assessment sheets for primary school maths have been added for Tower of Money, Multiply/divide and Flock of 10. Hope they are useful!. Worksheets on 2 step problems have also been added this year to benefit key stage 2. Hope to add more soon!

It's been an eventful year! Lots of changes and now I have decided to add primary school maths assessment sheets on each topic. This week I have added an Add/Subtract Assessment sheet in the Add/Subtract section. Hopefully add more as they are made!

The site is now working in IE (tested on IE11 and Microsoft Edge

Thankyou for your support! Mixed challenges was added and has been well received. I have edited the Measurement section and have added "Shapes". Few sheets on shapes have been added and will be adding more as and when they are ready! Hope you are enjoying primary school maths worksheets!

The site is now working in IE (tested on IE11 and Microsoft Edge

Thankyou for your patience while the errors are being fixed. The site has been tested on IE11 and Microsoft edge. Work is still ongoing to fix other browser issues .
Further improvements have been made on sheets in the 'Multiply & Divide' option on the side bar.I hope these have been helpful.

At present the site is not working in IE.
Thankyou all for your support! Its been a eventful month with fixing browser errors...Work is still ongoing.
In the meantime I have added a 'Multiply & Divide' option on the side bar and have started building worksheets so watch the space! I have also added sheets on multiplication and division in 'flock of 10's'. Vertical add and subtract sheets have been added in 'Add & Subtract'as well.

Welcome to MathsWizz, a free website wth primary school maths which includes math worksheets with math problems for Year 1 to year 6. This website has had a makeover with extra features added to the sheets. They are now interactive & most sheets now also have the facility to check answers.The print option is also available if needed.