About Us

For several years I have been running Maths interventions sessions for children of various abilities. However, I have often found that the biggest hindrance in the progression of these children is the inability of the child to link numbers together to quickly do mental arithmetic. As children get older, these gaps in their knowledge become more evident as they struggle to apply what they should know to other problems. To overcome this, they need repeated practise to consolidate their knowledge which the intervention sessions cannot provide.

This inspired me to create a complete set of resources that covered the range of topics that children struggle with. The sheets have been designed to cover each topic at a basic level and then increase in difficultly as the child improves. The advantage of these sheets is the ability to refresh the questions so that the children can repeat the sheets until they have a comprehensive understanding. Additionally, there is the functionality to add the answers which is beneficial in the classroom environment where peer assessment can save a significant amount of marking time.

Rachna Dhall

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